3D FPS shooter demo - wraiths in the mist

I built a simple FPS where you shoot wraiths on a misty hillside. The wraiths are animated, so if you get close, they will attack. To kill them, you touch them (sorry, I didn’t animate their deaths). The interesting parts are the shader, which creates distance-based mist and also discards transparent pixels (allowing you to touch wraiths through tree branches), and also the ability to identify what object you touched on a 3D screen (the subject of a recent forum discussion).


I wrote this up in more detail (with code) here: https://coolcodea.wordpress.com/2013/07/07/89-wraiths-in-the-mist/

That’s awesome it runs at 30 FPS on ipad 3rd gen. You must be using a lower one? And one more thing i think you forgot the death when health becomes zero. It goes on and on to -00

Yeah, I didn’t really finish the game, I just wanted to see if an FPS was possible

A good idea would ne a fps library/creator, like u add fixed points for the customizable maps, difficulty of AI selection and placement, and weapons/ powerups. Just a thought

@Ignatz, you’ve left so much great stuff around the forums! This isn’t running in current Codea, it throws errors. Any chance you can update it?