3D Drawing (Suggestion)

I’ve seen Some people really want 3D drawing. I never though of it before those users mentioned it, but bow I think it would be a cool feature. It’s far out there, but I might as well bring it up.
I was thinking the we would have all our normal drawing functions, but add the option for a z coordinate. For instance: 3D:line(0,0,0,10,10,10). Then you might as well add a cube and a sphere to draw. Then you would e able to add a light with a strength and color. Opactity would also work. Then you would be able to change the view of the camera… Etc. I was just toying around with the far off idea. It would be a Tom of work though. But if we ran out of things to add (maybe in a million years) and we had 3D drawing, we could then add a Google Eath API… Blah, blah, blah. Just an idea and a dream…

3D is definitely planned, but not just yet.

Really? Wow. You know, it would be nice if you could have a list of things to be done with Codea in order so you don’t get repeated requests. That would be nice. That was slightly unrelevant. Thanks for the answer. If I knew how, I would make it for others, bit I don’t.

If you do this you might as well add a 3d editor.

while we’re at the topic of more ludicrous suggestions, how about some way to access glsl? Since, from what I gathered from other posts, you’re working with shaders anyway…

@gunnar_z definitely on the list. Accessing GLSL comes with some API design decisions and UI considerations that we haven’t made yet.

\big grin\

@Simeon Every GLSL implementation I’ve seen in the iPad has come with some seriously ugly and/or clutzy interface decisions. You’re right that implementing it in Codea would take some thoughtful design. But seeing what you did with complex sound makes me certain you can do it without ruining the straightforward quality of the coding environment.

@Xavier the plan is to add vec3 functions, a matrix class, a quaternion class and a loadMatrix() command. This will give basic 3D support — allowing projection into 2D to be handled by the GPU.

@Mark: I believe GLSL Studio works pretty well, it’s like an iPad version of Rendermonkey, which is pretty nice.

Adding a GLSL API will be an awesome addition, but it seems like a hell of a lot of work, good luck :slight_smile:
Aside from that, matrix functions would be nice, as well as updating vector functions (I haven’t checked, but I believe they only work with vec2)

@simeon : Great news, love active devs :stuck_out_tongue: