3D dice roller?

Anyone got a simple 3D dice roller laying around? I don’t want to reinvent it if it’s already out there.

Do you mean in Lua? Because there is the very nice ‘Game Kit’ app.

What is a game kit app? do you have a link, To the Lua Code? Thanks

Xavier’s amazing 3d game engine could probably be adapted easily

Yeah, I mean in Lua. I didn’t go searching last night. I’ll see…Xavier’s 3d game engine I’ll also check out…as soon as I find that :slight_smile:

Heh - after sleeping on it, I realized that I have 3 different ways to do this already:

  1. the ‘basic’ cube code is all over my ipad and even in the samples. DUH.
  2. I also have the CSG project from a while back which can generate all sorts of things. Inefficient as heck, but it can work…
  3. I can ad in a 3d object from external sources (x3d, obj, ply format) and use that as my source of data.

So, I will pick…the third one.

Now I have to take a video, make a part of it into an atlas, and use that as a texture map for the cube…

Xavier’s ok …Thanks for the info I will look at that too im doing something similar with dice

I have my dice rendering…and now 1.5 is out, so I gotta redo it all…cause I want sparkly dice! :slight_smile: