3D Castle you can walk through

I cant belive this is running under. codea. No way!
(says the guy who hopes you’ll prove him wrong by posting the code…) :wink:

fantastic?Dunjon Master is film?

Is the background a skydome? Pretty nice framerate regardless!

I need to start dabbling in 3D, looks like fun.

Yes, it’s a skydome - basically a sphere with a landscape texture, centred on the middle of the castle, ie it is inside the sphere

And yes, 3D is the most fun you can have with Codea, IMHO

Very impressive work, Ignatz.

how to compare tab1 to tab2, and mark the different lines in tab2’s line comment?

I’m speechless.
Most people can easily use a 3d modeling program to whip something up
But it takes an artist to do it by pure code, nice job.