2D Top Down Minecraft

Hey everyone,
No clue why I’ve been keeping this project secret for so long. When people start programming and Codea, their first thoughs are usually “Minecraft” (At least mine was). So here is an example I made for what can be done. I did the art and the programming from scratch. If there is enough of a need, I may release the code, but there are two messy classes that I want to clean up before I actually release it. Also, there are a lot of branching if statements and singletons in those two classes, and I’m not sure that’s what I want to be teaching newbies. I think that if there is any demand, I may be more inclined to release the art but I’m not sure yet. But anyway here is the video:

That’s a pretty awesome demo, keep up the good work!

I think you’ve taken this idea further than I’ve seen anywhere else—including people who were trying to do it in C# or other desktop environments. It looks great.

Good work! I world love to see this game’s code on the forum. This must have taken you months.

Figured I should probably release the game’s code finally, because it got a bit of a rewrite. Thanks for all the praise everyone! If you looked hard enough you likely could have found this anyway but here it is: https://github.com/TheSolderKing/SimpleExploration
The art was the hardest part for me, because I’m not usually artistically inclined for stuff like this.

In order for me to copy the code to play the game, do I need to copy and paste every file?

I’m going to try using Working Copy, which will bring all the Lua files into a project. I think getting the graphics in there might be the tedious part of the project.

More info on Working Copy in this thread:


okay - the code import worked like a charm. I did a git clone of the project on my mac, so I could grab all the PNG files and put them in my Dropbox folder. Now I wonder - is there a quick way to associate all these graphics in my Dropbox with my Project?

@interactivenyc - simply go into your Dropbox folder inside Codea, and press Sync

Could you post the crafting recipes? I got the game to work and I want to learn them.