2.1 renamed projects from Cargo-Botdoc and Cargo-Botdocumentation back to Cargo-Bot

these projects were the example Cargo-Bot with mods and added tabs for documentation.

those chages are still in the projects but i cannot create copies with the original names because CODEA thinks the old names still exist

@CodingOnNapkins would you be able to extract the projects using iExplorer? Then you can remove them from Codea and re-add them under different names

I can duplicate under new names

what I want to know is why the name change from Cargo-BotDoc to Cargo-Bot and how come I have multiple projects with the same name.

@CodingOnNapkins I believe it’s the LocalizedName key in the project’s info. Try adding this code to your Cargo-BotDoc project on setup():

saveProjectInfo("LocalizedName", nil)

It copied the localized name for Cargo-Bot when you originally duplicated the project.