version 1.4.6 of codea is out. thank you TLL. Now I can edit large code

Good to hear. I hope rendering speed is improved for everyone as well.

A BIG thank you as well. I was about to pull my hair out editing for 4-5 minutes at a time before having to close and open Codea.

Looking forward to the rendering speed improvements too.

Wow wow wow! Thanks Simeon! Tried 1.5.6 as promised:

-1/ my pushball game works at 53 fps (instead of 40): good!

-2/ i can dig into andrew stacey’s great library without crash: great!

So far so good.

Also thanks @Simeon for letting us still keep the in app purchases

Great, thanks a lot for this update. The editor is now very fast and my light racer runs stable at 60 fps. Before it jumped between 40 and 60.

Some of the example prog didnt work properly in prev versions (like test 9 in phisics lab) now do work. Maybe a regression: on the brickout prog, it seems the sound stops a little bit the animation? I hadn’t noticed it before?

Is DeltaTime being updated properly? Open a new project and add Print(DeltaTime) in draw then run it. Slowly climbs in value for me.

.@Reyals123 try using text() to output DeltaTime instead of print(). I think what you are seeing is a large print buffer slowing the rendering speed.

Thanks. Stays at about 0.016 using text(). Silly me.

Thanks for getting the update out, already looks faster.

Speaking of in-app purchases, I don’t remember paying for dark theme but I’m using it. Did I get it free in error? I like Codea and it should be supported.

TLL made dark mode free awhile back :slight_smile:

Very happy the new update is out :slight_smile:
Looking forward to playing with it again!

Thanks for the update, it looks faster.