1.4.6 Beta

.@mpilgrem actually I am able to re-create this issue in the simulator. Thank you for the clear reproduction steps. It doesn’t appear to happen in iOS 6, which is why I wasn’t seeing it on device.

@Simeon the problem with autocomplete doesn’t seem to be the 5 second window. The issue I’m getting is somewhat sporadic, but for the most part classes that are copy / pasted into place and variables in the init don’t seem to be available until after I leave the project and come back. I’ll see if I can come up with a reproducible sequence.

Thanks @Mark, that’s an interesting bug.

Version 1.4.6(5) on iPad 1 (iOS 5.1.1).

Firstly the speed improvement is fantastic for long files. The previous version became almost unusable on my iPad1 for big projects and using an external keyboard I was forever getting double key presses. This appears to be fixed (albeit I have only been using the latest version for an hour or so).

The Send by Email functionality is great. When I open the file on my Mac it gets automatically loaded into TextWrangler - perfect!

A small thing (I’m trying to earn my beta tester bucks!) - when you are in the getting started / codea reference docs and you tap the back button in the getting started nav bar (not the nested bar with the function details) this button either does the same as the nested button or nothing, which is not what I expected. I would suggest deleting it. Not really a bug more a UI issue. I’m sure you know the online docs need to be updated to match those embedded in Codea.