1.4.5 Beta

Hi @Simeon, I’m having crashes on 1.4.5(4) while testing the new code pasting feature. While it seems to work fine when you go directly from a project to another, I have been trying to see what happens when I paste it somewhere else first. For example emailing it, or I imagine people will want to post them here or on some hosting service.

So I took Cargo-Bot, duplicated it, and then copied it from the main screen. Then I created a new email and pasted the entire text there. Looks good. Then I select all, copy, and go back to Codea. In the main screen I hold the add new project icon and paste in.

The project is created and the tabs are there, but I noted two things:

there are some extra line feeds at the end of the tabs (which might contain nasty invisible characters?)
the code displayed in the ABCMusic tab gets corrupted at line 589 onwards.

It is missing a line feed, which, once corrected clears up the corrupted display of the code and allows the project to run. Otherwise, crash! However, even once I had fixed that line, I still got blank output panes with no Cargo in sight.

Thank you for the quick find, @Fred. I’ll try what you’ve said.

Maybe the email is HTML?

Could be, @Simeon. I just switched to the iPad email client to paste it in a draft email and copied it back again.

Hi again, @Simeon, I have another hopefully reproducible crash for you. I hadn’t noticed this crash before, so it might be the beta.

With the cursor sitting directly to the right of the closed parenthesis of a sound() function, try to run the project. Crash with no auto save… But add a space after the parenthesis and it runs ok.

Logged on issue tracker: https://bitbucket.org/TwoLivesLeft/codea/issue/185/running-project-with-cursor-after-sound