Zoom out from a 2D Physics based scene

A question, which is not directly related to code I already have:
I’ m still working on a 2D physics based game. It makes sense now, with higher scrolling speeds to zoom out or back up a bit to give the Gamer a wider view on the scene. Is that possible with the 3D tools perspective(), camera() etc? I.e., how to apply the z-coordinate to the physics components. Or do I have to do it in a completely different way?
Thanks for any hint or comment!
Ps. I hope this is of interest for others too …

I played around a bit and recognized that scaling with the scale() function works fine for me.
Thanks again for the help you provided!

Could you not use scale(x, y, z) for this? It changes the size of all drawing operations.

There is a zoom library that works well, I’ve used it with 2D physics stuff.

I never used scale before, but it seems to work just the way I want and very easy too. Great hint!
Thanks, Albrecht

Aciolino, I think I read about it in one of your other postings. Where can I find it?
Thanks in advance!