Your new Beta devices

Hi all beta testers

It has been a long time since the last beta, so I’m wondering if you have any new devices you’d like me to include for the next release. If you do have a new device, please also let me know if I can remove your old device (e.g., if you do not plan to use it for testing any more).

I have a new Air (very nice upgrade from the 2). Do you need the ID?

@Mark - Just register it on TestFlight. TestFlight tells you the device model, so don’t worry.

@Mark don’t need the ID, but it would be good to know if I can stop provisioning for your old iPad 2 — will you continue to need beta access on your old device?

I’d already registered it on Testflight some time back, but both Codea and crabatron show up as “incompatible” apps.

I’ll stick on my ipad1 until it dies! Gook point for Apple: their hardware is greatly robust (i cant belive i wrote sthg nice about Apple… That must be Cristmas spirit!).

I got an ipad air coming but the wife won’t let me open it until christmas. If the beta release is before christmas, go ahead and remove my ipad 2.

@Mark - He has to add your device to his provisioning profile, then distribute that version. Don’t worry.

You can remove my iPad2 if you need space. Keep my iPad 4 please!

And oh yes, you can remove my iPad 2. Thanks.

I’ve got an IPad 4 now, so you can remove my IPad 2.

I’m using an ipad air now. You can remove the ipad2.