Your current favourite app - beside Codea :)

Mine is Nihilumbra a game with an extrem high atmospheric intensity. It cought me from the second I started the game. Its free at the moment. The music is perfectly matched … awesome …

I can’t decide between Minecraft Pocket Edition and Nave… Minecraft mods were what got me into coding. :slight_smile:

Strategery. It is a small war game, with no fancy graphics, but i’ve consitantly been playing for two years. After about 2000 battles in large map size, brutal mode, the computer beats me by 55-45. One game lasts between 1 mn (quick loose) and 10 min. I still belive i can find a strategy to beat then computer all the time eventually, but i am not there yet. I’ve got bored of all other games after a couple month, this is the only one still puzzling me.

Osmos - beautifully simple game mechanics, ethereal music (need head-phones) and lovely to look at. :slight_smile:

Scrabble. Yes, I’m boring. But my wife and I love to play scrabble over several days. We usually have 2-3 boards running at a time.

takeiteasy, orbit1, mystuff2

Pinball Arcade by Farsight Studios. They reproduce classic pinball machines (using the actual ROM control programs from the machines). The tables are a bit pricey–at five bucks each–but it comes out to fewer quarters than I spent on them as a kid.

It’s funny. I always said I preferred pinball machines over video games. Now my pinball machines ARE video games.

XCom Enemy Unknown. So impressed on the port to ipad.

Next would be Legendary/monster Wars :slight_smile:

Tiny Troopers. Guess I still have a little boy inside.

Personally I love Zuma’s revenge, Eufloria and Magic the Gathering.
@BriarFox - thanks for the heads up about XCom, I knew it was coming but I hadn’t realised it was out yet. I brought it for the XBox on day of release but didn’t get any chance to play it before my son captured it (the Xbox and Xcom).

Downloading now! :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who actually uses his iPad for work?

  • GoodNotes: the best PDF annotation and general writing app that I’ve tried.

  • GoodReader: best for reading documents.

Those, and Codea, are probably my most used apps (other than browers/email).

(Mind you, if you asked my kids then they’re playing something called “Mr Crab” at the moment.)

GoodNotes & GoodReader are my workhorses not my favourite apps :slight_smile:

My favorite is modern combat 4. Just love the online multiplayer in it!!

If we’re talking about favorite workhorses, mine are ProCreate, Sketchbook Pro, Storyist, and DropBox.

If we’re talking games, Uplink then the GTA’s :D. If apps for work, Astah Pad (Astah* UML Pad on the AppStore) - a nice free UML designer (for those who don’t know UML is used for designing software)

Thanks @XanDemoX I’m not familiar with UML but I grabbed the app and it looks really useful!

I grabbed it too. Same as @briarfox.

I agree with @XanDDmoX on Astash Pad when I’m starting an app. Over been using since almost its release. Other than that, its Procoding for HTML5 canvas apps, Feedly, Chrome, and the native messages app.