Yamaha Keyboard Music

I know it’s probably impossible, but is there any way to get music from a yamaha keyboard into Codea. If not does anyone know a way to get Yamaha Keyboard music into any type of code?!

Midisong save from Yamaha on pc. Midisong convert to mp3. Then store them on PC in folder Dropbox / Apps / CODEA.
In Codea open Dropbox and click on syncronisiere. Now the song is with music (“Dropbox: Song”) available. Enjoy yourself.

Thank you!

.m4a works with Codea’s music command too

An idea, we know Apple has a music software - GarageBand, if your yamaha keyboard can use under iPad, then you can generate music with GarageBand and store the music into you iPad, maybe you can use it with Codea.

There are lots of synth apps for the iPad with MIDI support. I can connect my keyboard using the camera connection kit to the iPad, and get MIDI over the USB cable. There are now lots of ways to route audio on iPads (audiobus, inter-app audio, and now audio units), so it’s easy to capture and record the output of the synths. I did the music for Banjax using Korg’s Gadget, and the sound fx with the Thor synth recording via Audiobus to an app called AudioShare (which is good for collecting archives of sound). Of course, it would be very cool if Codea did have midi support for doing more procedurally generated tunes that respond to the game environment…

…although, if you Google Lua midi, there seem to be a number of implementations, eg: http://www.pjb.com.au/comp/lua/MIDI.html it doesn’t look like it has any weird dependencies, so it should be possible to get it working inCodea