Xcode problems

When I put my app in xcode and download it to my phone (it converts it iphone demetions) it works fine. But when i download it to a different iphone it doesn’t work. It changes the font of thw words and and the touch wont work. Anyone else haave the same probmlem or how to fix this? thanks

The devices might have different width and heigh qualities but changing font is suspect.

Bugs in the Codea runtime?

I really do not recommend exporting your project to Xcode until Codea updates to iOS 7. It is very glitchy currently because it is designed for iOS 6, iOS 7 changed everything. Codea will update soon (hopefully) and officially support iOS 7 and fix all these bugs. Please just wait until it is released…

Does that apply if you are not creating your project or iOS 7? for instance my project is targeted for iOS 5 devices.

@wrmichael You can’t really target an app for an old version of an operating system…

You can design projects in Codea, but exporting them to Xcode is broken and very, very glitchy. Just wait until Codea updates and fixes all of the bugs, then it’ll be fine.

@skythecoder use xcode much?

@wrmichael I don’t understand that.

I’m saying, don’t export your Codea project to Xcode until Codea updates. There’s nothing wrong with Xcode, it’s Codea’s exporting that’s glitched.

@SkyTheCoder, He asked if you used Xcode much

@CodeaNoob I wasn’t sure if he was being serious, sarcastic, or asking if he should use Xcode much.

@wrmichael A little bit. I’m trying to find new Objective C tutorials because the ones I was using are outdated, Xcode’s UI had changed and even Objective C a bit itself.

@SkyTheCoder - the only reason I asked is because with X-Code you can change the target platform and the iOS Base SDK. So you really can target an older OS with Xcode. If they didn’t allow that every developer would have to keep every version of XCODE around just in case an older release had a security hole in it. It would become unmanageable in my opinion.

@wrmichael I meant, on the App Store, people would go crazy at you if you put an app out designed for an old OS and it didn’t work right or used obsolete voids in the new OS.

@SkyTheCoder thanks for the info i will just wait for the next codea update.

Do we know when the next Codea update will land? I am keeping my program in a bit of a holding pattern to wait and see what comes before I make some major design decisions.

@Andrewsimpson4 - I just published a game called “Iron Crow” and Apple approved it.

I am not sure what bugs exist in codea but it certainly isn’t enough to stop me from developing with it and using it.

@syntonica I wouldn’t wait, most features have been underlined but there’s no ETA provided by TLL

I handle scaling like this for iPhone and iPad.

but I’m not sure what the exact issue you having is.

might be worth putting some debug script in your touches and maybe draw the x/y of the touch and see how it compare to what you thought it would be.

 if WIDTH > HEIGHT then 
        self.width = WIDTH/12

        self.height = HEIGHT/8
        self.width = WIDTH/8
        self.height = HEIGHT/12

@wrmichael, wait… How does that handle scaling?


I use it with the sprite command. If I was scaling font sizes I would adjust the font size instead of width/height, The WIDTH / HEIGHT change based on screen resolution. So a smaller screen gives you a smaller self.width/self.height. It also handles portrait vs landscape.

EDIT: I understand now, the if WIDTH > HEIGHT is for handling orientation.


For what its worth I have been using the CodeaBuild setup (http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Talk/discussion/comment/31308) to build my game on a regular basis up to TestFlight and have had only one or two minor issues, the game runs fine on my iPad 2 iOS 6, and my colleagues iPad Air with iOS 7…

The game code is pretty large now and is pretty complex (not 3D), 30 odd meaty classes… Apart from an iOS 7 GL issue with creating images which I had to workaround its rock solid…