xcode, how do I convert my codes to binary?

I am literally so close to publishing my first app, how do I convert to binary? The IOS developer library says submit it to appliciation loader as a ZIP file, but nothing I have tried will let me compress a xcode project into a ZIp. Am I interpreting it wrong?

Eh? Export project from codea to dropbox. Open Xcode project on Mac with Xcode 5. Compile and run it on your device to make sure it works. Then select the target as an ios device and select ‘build for archiving’. After it is done, open the organizer, select your project and select upload to App Store.

Of course before you can upload it you have to log onto itunesconnect.com and create an online project for it all the way to ‘waiting for upload status’

Yeah ok. That is very different from what the apple developer library said. It all seems to be working accept when I go to edit scheme, then “Archive” and check the show in organizer box. When I hit “ok” and check under archives in my organizer it is still empty.