Xcode export icon size and shape

Hi all!

I finally got everything working with my first app, so I’m ready to export it and submit it. When exporting, Codea asks for an Icon image Does anyone know what size this image should be? Also should I round the corners of the image or have 90 degree angles (the icon you submit to iTunes connect must be non rounded, and they round it for you)? Lastly, what is this icon used for? I also have to upload a 1024x1024 icon image in iTunes connect, so where will the icon from codea be used?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

I believe if you use your 1024 x 1024 image, you’ll get a scaled image for all the smaller versions (he says, without a project in hand to check). However, you may find that – especially at the most reduced sizes – it pays to create a fresh image that emphasizes some of the details you want to retain.

I ended up using my 1024x1024 icon. When I export the project into Xcode and build it for adhoc testing in testflight, the icon doesn’t show up. When the app is installed on my phone or ipad I get a white icon with a bunch of circles and lines through it.

Never mind, I figured it out. Didn’t realize that I had to drag and drop the icons into the devices in Xcode.


The 1024x icon for iTunes Connect is the one used when displaying the app on the App Store, and all the others are for the various sizes of the icons on the home screen. And the icon is rounded automatically, you can submit a square image (a rounded one might look weird).