XCode Export and updating app?

What’s the best way to update the xcode build from bug fixes in codea?

Can the lua files just be updated? I haven’t had a chance to play with the xCode export that much.

Yep. You can edit the lua code right in XCode if you need to patch a small bug. Or you can make changes in Codea and copy-paste text for something more sizable. Only if you make significant changes in Codea do you really need to go back and re-export.

For example, I constantly forget to change small things like version numbers, or to set the screen state to hide buttons. Those changes are easily made in the Lua code while in XCode.

Thanks @mark If I needed to re-export how would I merge that into the current project?

I haven’t really tried to merge. I just stick it in another location, open it as a seperate project, and slide back and forth any files I need.

Honestly, export is so easy now that when I finish a build, I purposely throw away the XCode project and start over clearn with the next build.

That sounds like the way to go. I guess its my lack of understanding how apple identifies the builds. If I were to dump the last build and reimport the new build, how does apple associate it with the app if its on testflight?

Just make sure that the bundle ID matches, and that the build number you provide is higher than the previos number.