xcode 5 and ios sdk 7 support required for submitting apps?

It snowed today, so I figured I would update my Codea App Spacewar 2 player on the app store. My developer fees needed to be renewed, so I went ahead and paid over the $108 ($8 for tax). I went to upload the binary and it failed saying that as of Feb 1st, I needed XCode 5 and ios 7 sdk support.

It hurts because my good ol trusty macbook is a 2007 model and of course cannot run mountain lion or mavericks.

This is a redundant question, that no doubt will illicit all sorts of witty remarks.

Is my only option to buy a new macbook?

Thanks for listening.

@MrScience101, is Xcode 5 incompatible? Really sucks that they are now forcing you to have the latest. Sorry that you can’t continue (and wasted 108 bucks… If it’s incompatible ask for a refund?)

@JakAttak, yes Xcode 5 won’t run on os 10.7.5 which is the latest OS my macbook will support. I haven’t figured out to ask for a refund, obviously on their site they claim there are no refunds on digital purchases. I should just buy a new mac, but I was hoping to wait until the end of this year. Rumor has it an iPad/macbook combo was coming out and I was hoping to purchase it. Ideally, for me, an 13" macbook air with a touch screen that can run mac and iPad apps would be perfect.

Typical Apple. They’ll do anything to get you to give them more money.

@MrScience101 if you get a refund then wont they remove spacewar from the app store because you had to renew your licence. All I can say is you should try and borrow a friends or family members mac or MacBook to update your app. But you most likely know this already :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kirorp do you have to renew your license for an app to stay on the app store?

@Luatee they will get removed from the app store. this is for the mac app store but same applies for ios https://developer.apple.com/support/mac/program-renewals.html

@Kirorp Thank you, very helpful :slight_smile:

@kirorp and @Luatee. That is correct, it’ll cost 99 dollars plus tax to keep apps in the App Store year after year. You even get a phone call from a real person when it gets close to time to renew.