Wooooahh, problems, problems, problems!!!!!

Hi All,

Bit overstated with the problems but I thought I’d better post this. I don’t know if it’s a hardware problem or software but only seems to occur when I’m playing with Codea.

History - introduction of 1.4 and the associated problems - bombing out of Codea and graphics problems. You know what I mean.

Introduction of 1.4.1 - problems seem to go away loads, runs without regular events. But, I have always since the introduction had the odd bomb out. But I have started getting repeated orientation problems recently. For apps set to run in portrait suddenly switching to landscape only!!!

The most recent event was very puzzling - running in portrait - then the event. This gave me a portrait style window but in landscape i.e. black areas to the side. But, sneaking out in to these side panels were a number of sprites flashing repeatedly.

Couple of questions:

  1. Are there any OS or Codea settings which we could inadvertantly change during programming so that the system becomes confused?

  2. Could this be a memory leakage problem confusing the system as there are memory corruptions etc.

  3. Has anybody seen similar problems - is it a hardware problem? I charge up every day and use if for about 6 hrs a day.

My latest project is working on the Flood-it code provided in another thread. I have been playing with arrays and am worried that the array allocation could be expanding out of control.

Another funny - after I had the problems I shut down Codea and switched off. Left the pad a few minutes then re-started. I foundCodea in the same editing position that I had before and when editing a file I doubled clicked a line and the system inserted a URL from the buffer. Which is weird as I’d put that into the buffer before I switched off.

I think I may have to run clean up code with these arrays to see if that resolves the problems.

If anyone has any idea what’s happening - pleas post your thoughts.