Why is the Codea Runtime closed source?

@MrScience101 - No problem. I’m alway happy to help.

Im interested to the legal problems with haivng the runtime be open source. There could lots of work at stake.

On the other hand, can someone plz explain what a runtime is exactly?

@Goatboy76 Basically, the runtime is the Lua interpreter that reads your code and translates it to iPad/Mac-runnable code.

@Goatboy76 - In my definition (I’m a bit OCD about terminology), it is the library that is used to run the code you write in Codea. So that does not include the IDE, project browser, shader lab, etc. What happens after you hit the play button in Codea is what is in the runtime. So it’s basically what you use to put your Codea made app on the App Store.

@Zoyt is it so difficult to make a runtime? Maybe you and friends could make an open source runtime from scratch?

@Jmv38 - That would mean recreating Codea (the part that runs code), just for having it open source, which would take a lot of time.

Making another runtime, as well as being incredibly difficult, tedious and time consuming, misses the entire point of wanting the code - we cannot find bugs in the original runtime or help fix them.

There’s a lot more to the Codea runtime than just lua, and there’s a lot more to Codea than just what’s in the Codea runtime. Indeed - Codea isn’t lua; it’s lua PLUS an ipad editor/debugger PLUS a quite large number of libraries, all modified to suit both Codea’s changes and the ipad. The libraries that Codea has added on top for graphics and meshes and fonts and a jillion other things are a large part of the value of codea, and making it open-source basically ensures they’ll start showing up elsewhere.

I have absolutely no doubt that if someone wanted to license the runtime, including source, from TLL, they’d be amenable to do so for an appropriate sum. I doubt it’d be cheap.

I think it’s insanely generous of them to provide the runtime at all, actually - show me another IDE for the ipad that does so. (No, really, show me! I’d love to find other alternatives, I am a language whore - I love codea, but I dabble everywhere)

@Bortels what about pythonista? Looks like they have runtime too?

Dunno - I’ve done nothing more than play with it. But - their console is far more “traditional” than Codeas, so I suspect the value-add (other than making it available on the platform, of course) isn’t as large. I do wonder if it includes everything, including their “stage” graphics stuff. (disclaimer - that may be from elsewhere, in which case no downside in open sourcing it)

I’ll look, if I have time :slight_smile:

@Bortels - Give me a runtime that is written by the owner (not HTML5 or any of that crud) and you write in true code (not like GamePress)… :slight_smile: Anyways, I don’t see the issue with what they did with the runtime while it was in beta.