Why can't I save entire tables?

That’s impossible, then how to save a table?

TokOut, you need to write more than just “GIVE ME THE CODEZ” if you want people to help you. What have you tried so far? What code do you have? The answer is going to depend on what kind of objects are in the tables you are trying to save. If the table only contains standard Lua strings and numbers, then it’s as simple as saveLocalData() or wherever you want to save to with json.encode(myTable). But if the table contains Codea objects (eg vec2s colors meshes or whatever) than the answer is going to be a bit more involved. You need to give more detail. What is in your table?

Well, I am trying in new test-projects. Here the simple code and the error. We children learn on examples and examples are easier then descriptions - bit quoted w3schools

function setup()
    tab = {"String", [num] = 50310, function() print("Function") end}
    saveLocalData("tab", tab)

Main:3: table index is nil
stack traceback:
	Main:3: in function 'setup'

I also remember an error string You can't save tables Or something like this.

?num? is not defined. also you should try to keep your table keys clean: not mixing strings and numbers. saveLocal… or saveGlobal…data works only with strings, therefor use table.concat to convert table to a string.