Which Xcode add-ons (Gamecenter, iads, etc.) made it into 2.1?

@Simeon I see that 2.1 was submitted on the 24th. I am eager to give it a try when it hits the app store but worried that it will make the existing iAds add-ons not work, and in turn add another hurdle to publishing games. I tried to get the existing iAds add-on that works with 2.0 to work with the 2.1 runtime project that you released but was unsuccessful because of the way the threading works and I know little about objective-C.

You mentioned that there may be additional add-ons in the final 2.1 version. Could you hint us in on what add-ons made it into the final version of 2.1?

@Crumble, i believe that Simeon released a Game Center add on for the new 2.1 runtime. If you find that, you should be able to see how it is done and adapt existing iAd, iAp, etc. add-ons to work