Where are the Match-3 demos?

So, i’ve had codea for probably a year now, and have been on the forum for the same amount of time. I’ve yet to see anyone post a match-3 style game. So, where are they? Where are the Candy Crush clones?

too easy :smiley:

if they’re so easy, where are they?

waiting for you…

@matkatmusic You were a member since December, so you should have learned how to code something by now. As @Ignatz said, it’s too easy. So it should be able to be written by someone with at least a years experience. If you want to give it a try, I’m sure we will help you if you get stuck.

I’m more curious what other people have come up with, and why this isn’t a popular choice for people to try to program.

Check out magica gems by juaxix :slight_smile: A really great, polished example.

But also, try and make your own! It would be great practice!

Actually I’d say that writing a prototype is easy (if your an experienced coder and just working with 2d arrays) - but making a fully polished app store ready game is far from easy, that last 20% of your game can easily take up 80% of the total dev time… :slight_smile:

Although - match3, @matkamusic - why not sponsor a match 3 contest, even if it’s just for bragging rights.