What's up with lines?

I haven’t used Codea in 1 1/2 years so maybe my memory is fuzzy, but lines seem “thick”. I ran an old user-provided program, and one of my own, and the lines seem thicker than they used to be, in the user program making the screen far busier-looking than I remember, and in my program smearing a bunch of hash marks together.

I tried drawing 2 horizontal lines 5 pixels apart, yet the gap between them wasn’t 4 pixels but appeared to be 1 pixel. Is there now a command to control the thickness of a line?

I’ll answer my own question. I think the default thickness has changed. strokeWidth() can change it, except that it appears only even numbers have an effect, i.e. strokeWidth(2) == strokeWidth(3). Also, with strokeWidth(1), horiz lines don’t appear but 45* lines do. I didn’t check this with other diag lines or with other widths.

You’re correct about the even/odd value strokeWidths. I couldn’t tell the different
between a strokeWidth with 2 and 3 or 3 and 4. Of course I’m using an iPad 1, so I don’t know if a difference can be seen on the newer displays.

On the ipad4, there is definitely a difference between all the values of strokeWidth.

I’m using an iPad 2. That probably explains it–the default thickness has been modified for Retina displays. Specifying “noSmooth” also helps (see comments in Codea’s “lines” example program–they change smoothness based on a line’s width); then you can say strokeWidth(1) and both horizontals, verticals, and 45* diagonals come out just fine.