What is the limit on forum comment size?

And how can we recover what we entered before forum deletes it?

How can I tell before pressing submit if comment contents is too long?

Any way forum can automatically split long posts?

Any way to have ~~~ automantically put in a copy button?

Some code inserts have a gray instead of the traditional blue backgound in iPad Air IOS 8.1.3
and seem to be harder to copy.

Sorry but I lost about an hour’s worth of work this morning with forum tossing all but the first line.

Whenever I try to post a comment that’s too big, it doesn’t let me post it, telling me how many lines over the limit I am. How would it delete an hour’s worth of code, though? Did you write a program in the comment text box or something?

If it’s code, store it in github or something similar, and just put a link in the forum. (Don’t post code in chunks in separate posts, because few people will bothered to copy all the bits).

If it’s not code, a very long post is probably going to be tl;dr, so I would split it anyway.

@SkyTheCoder - write a program in the comment box? =))

@SkyTheCoder, heh i do that sometimes for small examples to help people

@JakAttak I do too, but I don’t spend an hour.

@SkyTheCoder, @Ignatz By an hour, I meant that I realized I needed to explain a couple of things not in the code comments yet plus as anyone following my posts knows, I get wordy and think of a lot of issues that may be slightly off topic. For example, I always include my frames per second code that redefines background() to leave the CODEA controls visible no matter what the background color is. I was making minor corrections to the code in the comment thinking I could copy them back to the project. Oh well!

There’s always the “Save Draft” button.

@dave1707 I had seen the auto saves and assumed preview would auto save. This is automation lulling me down the garden path and my thinking the forum would work the way I would have coded it, especially after seeing the auto saves.

And I didn’t see a restore draft button after I got the one line back.

I have been watching videos showing how automation trips up pilots. At least I didn’t crash a plane full of people.

I’ve had issues with losing Comments but it’s always my fault. I would leave the forum area to do something else and when I came back a lot of what I keyed in the Comments area would be gone. That’s because I didn’t do a “Save Draft” and I keyed in stuff and another auto save didn’t happen yet. So I now do a “Save Draft” any time I leave the Comments area even if an auto save happened.

I also watch air crash investigations. I’m fascinated by how systems and people go wrong.