What Happens to Camera Input?

If my game takes a snapshot, what happens to the image when the game ends? I’m thinking of letting students take a photo of themselves to use in the game but I’d like to be sure the photo doesn’t remain on the iPad afterwards. Thanks.

@Dave4 if you use the codeas native snapshot then it will save to photo album, what you should do is create an image variable the size of the screen which is going to be your temporary image for the session, then follow the camera example to see how you implement the camera viewing in to your code, then use setContext with your image to set the current camera image to the image variable using a button callback or however you want do it then you have your temporary picture of a student in your app until it closes or another image is taken.

@Luatee, I think I understand. I’d looked at the camera example enough to think this would work for the game. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

@Luatee There’s also image(CAMERA), no need for setContext().

@SkyTheCoder thanks! Never saw that before.