what does codea rutime do?

please answer

@dave1707 True, but app making isn’t a driving force of the Mac, its the programs and loyalty of it. If they grant Two Lives Left the “ok”, then they would be making more $$$$ because app developers would want the Ipad, to make apps on the go.

I don’t think that needing a Mac for developing iOS apps is about money. You can’t use Visual Studio on OS X, which you need to develop Windows Store and Windows Phone apps. We would love to support building and uploading new apps directly from Codea but the tools required to build the binaries just don’t exist on iOS.

@John I see, that sucks! Oh well, if my apps ever get good enough to be on the app store, then I guess they will make some $$$$ off my new Mac.

@John Though, theoretically, they could put the tools on iOS, but otherwise they get some extra $$$$ from you having to buy a Mac and an iPad…

It runs Lua code in Objective C, and adds all the graphics functions, classes, etc.

@simeon or @john it would be great to have a quick data sheet about which of codea functionnalities are supported by the runtime and which are not. I still hesitate to buy a mac to export my apps because i fear some little things wont work when exporting and i dont want to spend scores of hours debugging in Xcode. Codea is so easy it’s made me lazy…

@Jmv38 I really wish TLL and Apple would allow us to send the apps directly to the app store, with none of this Mac stuff.

@Prynok That’s the whole point. You have to buy a Mac $$$$. You need a license to code the apps $$$$. You need an iPad to run the apps $$$$. Do you see the common theme here. $$$$$ that goes to Apple.

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True, but in reality the amount of app developers has been going down, so imo. they would want to make some more $$$$

@Prynok How much $$$$ does Apple make on a free app or an app that only cost 99 cents or an app that doesn’t sell. How much $$$$ do they make on every Mac and the software they sell. $$$$ is the driving force and everything they do is geared on making the most $$$$ they can.

@John would you comment on my question about ‘what is supported and what is not?’ that would really be useful! I see so many post about difficulties on compiling the export with xcode that i am really puzzeled.