What do you want from Codea (it's a Polldaddy poll)

I’ve heard many of those iWants (apple’s still developing it :-)) ) like “I want this”, “I want that”, and even “I want a pony” (from @Bortels), to I decided to set up a poll to see what’s wanted most and should be developed next. You can find the poll here. Please do vote! It doesnt need a login, so no account needed!

Added taking ago of the screen, more debugging options, 3D drawing, and GPS Support. Feel free to revote.

@Zoyt, You really want to know what I want? B-) OK! Let’s see! 8->

  • 1. SpritePack Creator for Images and Sounds, for example: Add name, icon and add images from Camera Roll and create a SpricePack - In-App Purchase for just 1-3$
  • 2. Particle System Designer look like: http://particledesigner.71squared.com/index.php - In-App Purchase for just 5-10$
  • 3. OSC Sound: Advanced Sound Generator + Sound Filters like HQ, echo, bass + MIDI Code Support - In-App Purchase for just 5-10$
  • 4. Convertor Codea to xCode - In App Store for Mac OS for just 20-50$
  • 5. Collapsing code and Font Size / Font Family for code editor - For free! OR 1$
Enough for now ... What do you think? :-c

Hmm… All but the particle designer and collaplsing code is in there :smiley: I absolutely agree :slight_smile: Wow… I’ve never thought of a particle designer… THAT WOULD BE AWSOME! One way to slog up your game… And mabey add gravity to that?..

Just wanted to mention this: Why I don’t want goto():

The particle system designer sounds like a fine project for someone to write (like Spritely) - we don’t need to depend on TLL for that sort of thing…

Thats what I was thinking. Probably easier than Spritely too due to particle system parameters being much more compact. I actually wrote a simple particle system using mesh, which I could share here if anyone is interested.

Alright! Thanks!

Nice idea for a poll. They all look like great ideas.

I’d LOVE a simple GUI with a timeline and an inspector. I want to make cool motion graphics and animation with Codea and nothing compares to the simplicity of creating code and graphics together in a great GUI, which is what drew me to Codify, in the first place. A guy can dream…

@kinetik I’ve been thinking about that sort of feature for some time as well. It’s still fuzzy on how it actually interfaces with your code, though.

@Simeon - As you’ve heard me say before, you guys always perfect features we’ve been making code for, like the GUI. What about apple’s approach to it? As you’ve probably seen, I’m working on a portable UI, so when I release the code, you can take a peek at it :slight_smile:

I added more bluetooth keyboard shortcuts.

I added versioning support and bumped up the max votes to 5. I have 158 votes, which is about 39 people.