Weirdly, I'm using Codea for my homework

Hello All, I thought I would notify you that I have embarked on a project, which I fear might be too much for me. At my school we have an computers competition called iLife (hosted by apple). One of the categories is an application concept. I hope to use my programming skills to enter this competition, and make a prototype of my app (others are using a text based format).
This app is going to be an interactive homework diary, allowing for you to input sports, homework events, and others. It should be an all round miracle maker, and I have wasted away a month of premium working time. I have a three week deadline, and I haven’t started. If anyone is interested I shall post all my work here, and PLEASE comment with advice or opinions, as I hope to win, and can’t do it without you. I will have to create all the original code myself (my restriction, not theirs), but I will be able to accept modifications and suggestions.
Thank you all so much.

Good luck!


Sounds great, @Jordan. I think @Mark and @Andrew_Stacey would give you some great insights into creating UIs with Codea. They both have some good components and libraries available.

I do the same thing. Your not alone.