Weird 3D action/rpg game WIP

Hey all,

This is the project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. I had to take a break “mentally” from it (was getting too irritated) so that’s when I went to play with the raytracing and mandelbulb stuff.

This is based on an older project I wrote about in this post. I decided to start working on it again while playing with shaders, and eventually went full 3D (more forgiving art style).

It’s inspired by MTG Battlegrounds and Minigore.

I’m taking it slow, but I hopefully will have more to share in the not too distant future ^^

edit: forgot to mention. It has single player, splitscreen multiplayer and “onlineThatOnlyRunsSmoothlyAndFeelsRightLocallyEvenWhenITossTonsOfInterpolationAroundItsNotEnoughArgThisIsSoAnnoying” multiplayer so far. Would really like Apple to be less strict on their policies :frowning: Anyways, it’s still fun to play locally with my son in its current state, but it requires a running php server…not ideal)

Going back to watching NesTea own code S !

Any feedback or ideas are welcome,

Looks very ‘pro’ design. Are you in the game development business?


@Jmv38 Thanks and no, not at all, it’s just a hobby

Where would I find the correct thutotials to write a game like this? Mmorpg stlyle

. @Brandn3wbian - you mentionned in your pm you wanted something like ultima online. You can’t actually have that (talking about the mmo part), but for the graphics, it uses a tile engine.

If you want to know how they work, I recommend having a look at this (very old) website. It uses AS, but it’s pretty easy to understand.


Thanks for your time. Guess I wasted $10 bucks. Oh well. I’m surprised that its not possible to create an Mmo because there are tons of them on the App Store. How is it impossible using the runtime? Once the app is created and exported as a stand-alone, it shouldn’t violate any of apples terms and conditions therefore allowing mmo style gameplay. As for the link to the tyle style gaming, I don’t want to make an exact duplicate of Ultima. More like a 3D version with a locked camera angle giving the feel of more immersion.

.@Brandn3wbian it’s not impossible to create an MMO. And sockets are certainly allowed on the App Store — we don’t include them because we dislike the API design and would prefer an alternate solution down the track.

It is, however, very very hard to create an MMO — regardless of your coding environment.

You are correct that if you use the Runtime, you can easily add Lua Sockets for more advanced networking (in fact, you basically just have to uncomment some code). It is also not against Apple’s terms and conditions to create MMOs.

. @Brandn3wbian I know you wanted 3d, you misunderstood me. The underlying technology is the same, except you use 3d art for the tiles.
It’s very fast and makes level creation a breeze.

I guess I’ll post a basic example code, should probably interest a few people. Let me work on one.

Thank you!

It’s hard for me to think of how you’d create an MMO that actually ran all on iPads without a server to mediate.

Running the server isn’t an issue. I just as to be sure the coding and gfx could be created. I sound like a newb (because I am… Hehe.) I happen to have the backing of a large Silicon Valley company. I want to be able to develop the client side app as a single player game to mess with myself and then build on it with the intent of releasing it on the AppStore and having a server running for the players.

Where’s the code?

why you have the code? @iruizlopez137

How do I have the code luismi because I don’t have it and I can’t find the code to know what the game does

@lruizlopez137 There isn’t a code download yet. Please stop bumping old discussions.

@lruizlopez137 Not everyone has to give out code you know, especially with a project like this.