View and copy Project Assets?

I’ve not found anything that describes how to view assets on an existing (example) project. Info on how to create them, keep them somewhere useful (Dropbox? Separate Files folders?), and so on, would also be useful.

Links to mostly correct info welcome, as of course are answers right here.


@RonJeffries - funnily enough I just transferred some images from Dropbox to the asset folder, which I rarely do as I like to use Dropbox until I have finished the project. The upshot is, since I have very few finished projects, that I forgot how to transfer assets - learnt it again this am.

But, to raise a point I had a self inflicted problem when I transferred some images via the paste from paste-bin option. The graphics didn’t appear properly. Noticed that the image I had transferred was given as 1 pixel wide on my iPad but 3 pixels wide on Dropbox. I finally realised you had to deselect the retina option when saving to resolve the problem. A little help on the help website would have eased that. Then again I could just program more systematically and finish my projects/transfer assets to finish.