Video support?

Is the a way to import videos in codea? And to read it image per image? And to save it in the same video format?

Hello Guys? Anyone has an answer? Or at least is it possible to input/output raw files once they are in codea project folder? @simeon help! I made a keyword search in the forum and found no relevant entry on the subject.

.@Jmv38 the best you can do right now is import and export an image sequence. You can import these either using Dropbox (probably the easiest way) or using the io.* library to read the local filesystem.

@Simeon thank you for answering me! By ‘‘image sequence’’ do you mean a series of individual jpeg files? Or do you mean something else? Also i’ve looked in the io.* lua functions, but it is not clear if i can read something else than a file of characters? Is reading just raw octets possible? If yes, can you give me a link to study how to do that? Just a starting point would be great. Thanks.