Video recording

With the video recording function currently broken, can anyone recommend an alternative free way of recording the output from a program?

If you’re jailbroken you could use Display Recorder, if not and you dont want to jailbreak: go to They have a couple of display recording apps which are free! There is also reflector but it’s $12.

Btw, I don’t know the emu4ios recorders still work

Thanks but the ios7 one is not released yet

Video recording isn’t broken for me…?

On my iPad 3 the screen doesn’t update or respond to touches

Tried reflector - here’s foggy bummer revisited

@west reflector doesnt show on my app store. Is it a mac app?

Yes, it’s a Mac app - not ideal and fairly pricey for a function which I used to be able do directly from codea

But TLL is going to repair the record feature in a future version, right?
My feeling is that hey are currently very silent because they exceeded their budget fo finalize last version, but soon we’ll here again about them.

@Jmv38 - I would imagine so - it’s logged on the bug tracker. I don’t think they are restricted by monthly budgets, more likely they are doing other stuff. @Simeon posted updates to Codea Commits 3 days ago

thanks for this info. :slight_smile: