Video output from iPad

I’m planning on using Codea for a presentation.

The new video recording feature in Codea 1.3 is great for ease-of-use and for youtube. However I find the low frame rate/additional slow down when recording video and the high compression fairly objectionable.

Does anyone know high quality methods to record video from iPad? I’d be happy to buy a piece of hardware to do this.

My backup plans are:

  1. Use Löve and record video under Mac OS X. I’m not sure how long this would take me to set up.

  2. Take 30 photos per second of video on iPad with a modified play-very-slowly app, and sequence them into a movie on Mac OS X. I only need a minute so that would be around 30*60 2000 photos. A pain, but doable.

Perhaps a silly suggestion: can you not just hook the iPad to the screen and project the application directly?

I think @Martin has an iPad 1, which may not support video mirroring unless specifically supported by the app - not sure if this is the case.

You can (of course) record in the time honored method of positioning a camera above the screen. An iPhone will do the job quite well, if you have good lighting, and has the advantage of showing how touch affects the program.

There are several nifty free apps for screen sharing, but I’ve not yet tested any with Codea. I’m not aware of any app that can run in the background to actually record video.

Thi is why it would be nice to have AirPlay support.

@Andrew_Stacy Oh interesting, I didn’t know about this feature. I think I can’t do this as I need to deliver a video data file, for archival and other reasons.

You are correct Simeon I have iPad 1.

It seems you can enable video mirroring on iPad 1. “Performance may not be great”. Somewhere else I read it is only 720p for iPad 1. This isn’t a jailbreak but it does use some jailbreak software.

@Zoyt I’m pretty sure AirPlay wouldn’t give me the performance I’m looking for. Cool feature in general though.

I like your option 2 - yes, a pain, but it gets around the frame rate issues in an amusingly hackish manner. I’m a big fan of solutions where when you explain them, people say “You did what?”

I’d beg, borrow, or steal an ipad2 and see if the framerate is any better - it may simply be fast enough there, and if not, perhaps that plus airplay and a regular video recorder (I don’t recall how it’s set up, exactly, but I know it can be recorded) may be fast enough.