Video made with Codea

Hi guys,

I want to share a video work I recently made with Codea. I used codea in order to create different visuals that I took in pictures with long exposure while moving the ipad. The result is a kind of 3D light painting. I took around a thousand images in order to create this stop motion video. Hope you will enjoy it!


trippy. :slight_smile:

No video there :frowning:

Looks good MickaelLeGoff.

(Took me a moment and a second read of your description to understand how you used Codea.)

Thanks for sharing.

@MikaelLeGoff For people browsing these forums on the iPad (like me) the video is not visible (due to the use of flash). It can however be seen at
Cool use of Codea though!

Wow. It works now. How the h*** did y do that? It’s… Crazy. You even made the Codea news at the bottom of the main screen! Nice :smiley:

I think i read something about this video before and watched is… Is this possible @MickaelLeGoff ?