Video Clips in Codea?

Hey I’m new to the forum, but I love to code with Codea because it’s so handy and pretty simple.

My Question is:

Is it possible to play a clip in Codea?
I’d like to put a clip at the beginning of my game. Such as these little Logo clips i.E. from Ubisoft or EA.
Or whats the best way to make this possible?

I hope you guys understand what I mean.
Thanks for your responses. :slight_smile:

@Luky66 I’m not the best person to anwser this but I think that you can use an http request and pull it from the internet. But thats just a guess.

Is the video from the Camera??? @Luky66

you can’t import and play a video

Thanks for your help @Goatboy76 I will definetly try that out.

@infiltration265 no, it’s not from the camera.

Thank you @Ignatz that was my original plan. Good to know that it isn’t possible. :slight_smile:

It is a limitation, but Codea does so much cool stuff, we are not complaining :slight_smile:

You could have it load a bunch of individual frames and then play those in order, or actually use sprites/shaders to render the animation in real time, but it would be a bit harder.

You could animate a bunch of stuff to draw a “video clip”

What type of video clip were you planning on playing at the start (ie what goes on in the clip). It probabbly could be recreated in Codea, but would be drawn live rather than replayed.



Your app would need internet to play it not very handy.

@GriffinC That still wouldn’t work, there’s no way to play it.

Would it be possible though for Codea to decode the video files? Ie use http.request to downloads a video file, then de ode it into frames for Codea to run?

I guess an easy alternative would be to upload the video to YouTube and use openURL

Thank you for all your suggestions.

I did it now with help from a friend of mine. He split the video up into different frames and animated them.

It looks as planned so I’m pretty happy with it. :slight_smile: