Vertical orientation when running

Please support vertical orientation of the iPad when the program is running. Editing supports vertical orientation, which is great and allows you to see more lines, and is especially great when you are using a vertical keyboard dock. But then when you run it, everything is sideways. Since the normal graphics area is 748x768, you should still be able to fit this same size when vertical (with a little left-over space on the sides), and then tile the Parameter and Output windows in the remaining space below it.

So the run window should then just track the current device orientation and stay 748x768 when displayMode is STANDARD. For FULLSCREEN and FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS it should stay horizontal. Then for extra credit, add modes FULLSCREEN_VERTICAL and FULLSCREEN_VERTICAL_NO_BUTTONS which stay vertical full screen.

I personally want this feature as well. It’s something I’ve been meaning to add.

I think we will allow the user to specify a list of supported orientations through the API, with the default behaviour supporting all orientations.

Yeah - +1 for that. I’ve wished for it often enough myself (to the point of doing my overlay console prototype stuff, which runs fullscreen, in portrait mode).

Oh i thought of Posteingang this too - so +1 .