Version 1.4.6

@simeon Hello. So now you have issued this new release, but do you know if it solves any of the slow down problems we’ve been talking about 1.4.5? I’am not willing to update until it is solved (it is some effort to go back to the previous version). If you don’t expect any improvement, i’ll wait for 1.4.7. Thanks.

.@Jmv38 are you referring to the renderer’s slower performance on iPad 1? If so, then no, 1.4.6 doesn’t address this issue (unless it was due to beta code). I’m still looking into it. The editor speed for large files will be vastly improved, however.

I’ll be happy when the editor will be fast again, thanks for looking into that so quickly. I can live with a code speedup later. I have also seen, that the slowdown of code does not always happen. Just before, my mandelbrot was fast again… the same code was slow one day before.

Ok. Thanks for answering.

@Jmv38 if I am able to track it down and fix it within the next day or two, I will re-submit 1.4.6 to include the fix and let you know.

I have been testing against old versions and the performance is the same for me — so it’s quite tricky to track down.

.@KilamMalik in 1.4.6 the editor will actually be a lot faster than it ever was. I’ve really taken the time to optimise it.

Also, @Jmv38, I’m pretty sure the rendering speed is now back to normal, possibly faster than before. When 1.4.6 comes out, I’d appreciate your feedback — though be sure to hold onto the old .ipa just in case.

@Simeon ok i’ll check 1.4.6 when it’s out. As other people have noticed, the slow down is not stable (i’ve seen it with anagrams: the fireworks vary from slow to very very slow), so it will be difficult for you to find the cause. I’ll be back.

I just updated to 1.4.6 from 1.4.4 and am noticing significant slowdowns on my ipad2. I’m getting choppy animations drawing a 20x20-ish grid of tiles (plus a bit of 2-player animation) - I was hoping not to have to move to meshes, but I’ll have to do things properly now :wink:

@mrspeaker 1.4.6? Are you sure? :-?


Could the version number be added to the Codea startup screen to make it easy to see what version is running.

Sorry - I got brainwashed by the thread title!

Hello @dave1707. Are you aware that the version number is displayed in the top right corner of the credits screen, accessed from the startup screen?

Thanks @mpilgrem

I never saw the credits screen before. In fact, I never tried tapping the icon in the lower right corner of the screen to get to the credits. I know the gear in the upper right corner gets to the editor options and Dropbox, etc., but I always thought the icon in the lower right was just a design. Normally information is accessed from an option icon (the gear), so I never tried the other icons except where it had text stating so. But it would still be nice to have the version number shown as soon as Codea is started, or at least as a variable accessed in Lua such as print(codeaVersion) .

I thought the the credits icon was Twitter or some other unknown to me social media icon.

I think I should label that icon. (It’s our logo.)

Sorry @Simeon, no offense intended.