Hello, again. I need some serious help with vectors. What do they mean? How do they work? How can I use them? Any help or examples?

Can you keep these questions on a single thread if they’re related to the same game you’re working on?

Also, please use the forum search box on the top right, there’re lots of great resources on the forum.

Finally, the coolCodea blog that @Ignatz told you about on the other thread has lots of info on vectors. The same site also has a series of free ebooks. The Lua basics one would be a good place to start, then the Codea one (which is where vectors come in).

I agree with yojimbo, please keep all questions in one place, and start by learning something about Lua and Codea before you try to make anything.

You’ll find some ebooks here, I recommend Lua, then Codea

Yes will do @Ignatz and @yojimbo2000 thanks for the links!