Vanishing Point - a type of 3D effect

Objects coming at you.

The example needs some clean up in comments, an adjustment to draw order in the example, and possible a box example.

But, the core two functions look good to go.

So, is vec3 “legal” to use? vec3 works but it’s not in the help so I’m unsure of how far it goes or whether it will be kept.

Your example sounds cool, will download it when I get home. Can you post a screenshot?

It is in the help - under accelerometer (not appropriate, I know). But it’s bundled there because those are the only things that use it.

I actually don’t know how to post a screen shoot with IPad 1 and others have dibs on the desktop devices.

Just played with it, pretty cool! Your draw order on the Mobs seems to be the wrong way around – it’s noticeable when you turn them into sprites.

Vanishing Point

My comments started to incorporate corny jokes so I stopped for that night and posted. I do need to enforce a z order. The way it is now you can sort of see it all just for demonstration. But, I think I will fix the Z order. Using nofill() on the circle is a better way to show how all the objects are flowing at once.

Tempest keeps coming to mind.

That’s pretty cool! I added some tilt controls and fixed the objects overlapping.

Kewl thx

Ryan’s version added to wiki