Using Moai to target other platforms

I’ve tested using Moai to get some Codea code running on Mac and Android. Seems to work pretty ok, even though the runtimes are a bit different. Currently only some support for touch and simple text and sprite. I guess meshes are a better fit to the way Moai works than sprites and other things that are rendered for every frame.

Nice, I’ll have to look into Moai to see what it offers. LÖVE has some limitations, notwithstanding the fact that loveCodea can run CargoBot.

Hey, Tim Schafer uses Moai, sounds like an argument …

I know, that this is an old post.
I only wanted to know how this works and what I have to do to make my codea project to a Moai SDK one.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I just made a proof of concept, so to make it support Codea you’ll need to implement all the api you are using I’m afraid.