Useful Documents for Development in General

I open this topic for share documents on development in general, I think a lot of people know good websites or good pdf on many techniques ans tricks for games, maths, image processing or other things.

So, I begin with this little list :

  • A website book with a lot of design patterns for game in OOP.

  • More game design oriented, but very interesting !

  • Making wrong code look wrong, for less debug.

  • Semantic versioning

  • Programming Game AI by Example [PDF]

  • Artificial Intelligence for Games [PDF] (worse than the previous according to me)

  • Game Engine Architecture [PDF]

That’s all for the moment,
Share all of you know for more best coding !

Have a good day,

thank you for these links. Will certainly help me in my ‘big program quest’. As the first author says,

this is a key goal of software architecture: minimize the amount of knowledge you need to have in-cranium before you can make progress.

and this is exactly my problem

I can vouch for - been reading that lately and it’s chock full of useful stuff!