Upload to App Store

I am getting the following error after I “archive” from Xcode and then select either “Validate” or “Upload to App Store” in the Organizer:

Unexpected asset pack at /Applications/HelperClass.app/AssetPacks/iOS Button Pack.assetpack. Asset packs must be in /OnDemandResources.

I have tried it with built in Codea assets as well and get the same error.
Anyone have any ideas?



This should be fixed in the 2.3.2 runtime. I don’t have a dev account but it seems to be working for others with 2.3.2

@yojimbo2000 This worked! My app is in review at this moment

Thanks, totally forgot seeing this until you gave the link.

@yojimbo2000 my app was approved!

Check this out!

Congratulations! =D>

Man I suck at Flappy Bird. Currently 5th in the leaderboard with 12 pontos. Did you really get 137? :-?

@yojimbo2000 yes man! I needed to be very patiente to got it