Undo feature in Codea editor

Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been discussed before.
Is there an undo feature available in the editor?

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Lol I found it !

Sorry guys

At the moment you can press the “.?123” button on the iPad keyboard and then press “Undo.” We’re working on improving the undo functionality in the editor.

Thanks Simeon, that’s exactly where I found it :slight_smile:

Another button that I missed! I’m adding that to the tutorial (http://codeatuts.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/interlude-2-codea-custom-keyboard.html).

Something that I happened on by mistake and took me awhile to figure out why, a split keyboard in the middle of the screen. If you hold your finger on the hide keyboard button (lower right), a pop up will show. It has 2 options, undock and split. If you press undock, the keyboard will move up to the middle of the screen. If you press split, the keyboard will split in half. If you press and hold the hide keyboard button while in those modes, you will get a popup that says, Dock and Merge. Pressing that, the keyboard will go back to normal size at the bottom of the screen. Also, with the keyboard in normal size, if you place your finger and thumb together on the middle of the keyboard and then move them apart towards the sides, the keyboard will split. Placing your thumb and finger spread apart on the keyboard and moving them together, the keyboard will close. Just an FYI in case your keyboard ends up split and in the middle of the screen and you don’t know why.

Same thing happened to me - I disliked the split keyboard so much that I turned it off as an option in Settings → General → KeyBoard → Split Keyboard.