UI design

I tried the new demo game (breakout) and while it’s fun, it’s also frustrating. I find that when touching one side of the screen then my hand obscures the picture and I can’t see where I 'm trying to move the paddle to. It’s something to think about when designing UIs.

(I’m finding that dratted magnifier has the same problem! I can’t see the magnified text as my finger is in the way. Why can’t the normal keyboard have those cursor keys?)

Hee hee - yes, I’m also now addicted to the left and right arrows, and miss them horribly when I use the regular keyboard. I’m also looking for up and down arrows, fwiw.

Speaking of UI design, is there any plan to add standard interface elements (buttons, check boxes, text boxes, etc)?

This would be a great environment to at least prototype business apps if we had the normal suite of controls available.

lol - text first. then text boxes. :slight_smile:

@Mark - you might want to have look at http://giveabrief.com/ - it’s an app for mocking up standard user interfaces, using standard Cocoa Touch controls.

I have classes for push button and toggle button so far, and a container for ease of positioning. I plan to do a menu once I’ve learnt how to use Bortels’ magic font.

With the new clip() (available 1.2) command you will be able to do scroll containers fairly easily as well.

It would be… Very Nice, if there were wrappers to the standard controls done with the same ease and neatness of the graphics classes.

This may sound like heresy, but programming here reminds me a good deal of writing in Visual Studio (especially per-.net). One of the things that made that environment so easy to work with was the off-screen nature of the event loop and the somewhat flattened nature of the interface / code metaphor. Yes, Xcode does an admirable job of maintaining separation of tasks, and since I preached the value of that approach for twenty years, I really can’t complain. However, it is a bit of a pain when you want to toss together a little interface with some limited behavior and say “you mean, like this?”