udemy sale for the next 8 hours

This is somewhat off-topic but if, like me, Codea has proved to be a “gateway drug” to other coding languages, or if you’re at the Xcode stage of a Codea project and are wondering what is actually going on in Xcode, udemy.com has a sale on for the next 8 hours, where their courses are 95%+ off.


I have no idea what the udemy system is like pedagogically, whether it’s effective or not. It seems primarily lecture-based, which I’m not sure I have the patience for. At these prices I don’t mind signing up for a couple. (it should also be pointed out that there’s a tonne of great free tutorials online, such as codecademy.com )

edx is also free without certification


You could also try this free stuff

Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift by Stanford.

(AFAIK, Coursera is free as long as you don’t want certification)

@Ignatz yep coursera is free if you don’t want the certificate (I’m obligated to follow a course on there for school)

Udemy is always having some sort of sale, my mailbox is full of udemy offers of just the last few days…

I like Coursera and edX a lot! :slight_smile: