Type Relocation Glitch?

((This post is for a friend; I have not had this happen to me.))

For some reason my friend has been working in Codea and he came across a (Glitch?) where your typing is relocated a few letters behind where you have selected. This happens most commonly when in front of specific special characters such as brackets, periods, statements (such as then, if, end), commas, and numbers.

He has tried restarting the app but this is not fixed. We have a feeling this has to do with tabs or spacing, but I was wondering if we could have a little help with this?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
Do you know if this is the update where you can add custom sound?

This is known to happen with multilines of code in one line, its to do with the current editor. TLL is remaking the editor so hopefully this will be fixed. If that isn’t the bug you’re on about then please explain some more.

I remember noticing that his code looked cramped, like he forgot to make a new line (I think that’s what you’re talking about), so I’ll let him know when I see him next and get back to you as soon as I can. ; )

Simeon just finished the new editor yesterday, so it’ll be MUCH better. To quote (from Twitter):

Finishing the UITextInput implementation for new code editor #Codea pic.twitter.com/lBwog8GXCG

— Simeon (@TwoLivesLeft) November 11, 2013

simeon is working pretty is this upgrade, I think I had promised if I remember about the implementation of sound.
Like @Zoyt you will respond better to your question

omg the new commenting system will be weird at first, I know alot of languages use ‘//’ but it’ll still be weird xD
also a lot of project will have to be filtered the – out (but ofcourse we do that with a program ;)) and changed to //

Wait… What? Lua uses – for comments, not //…

Well in the pic simeon posted, he uses // to comment something @SkyTheCoder

@stevon8ter Well, that’s not Lua comments, so I have no idea what’s up there.

@SkyTheCoder neither do I, it confuses me :s

That’s probably the actual code for the editor, not the code in the editor.

@Andrew_Stacey, I hope so, I’m used to – now, so I hope you’re right :wink:

@stevon8ter They aren’t going to change lua, and -- is how lua denotes one-line comments. It’s in the lua specification.

@Andrew_Stacey ok, then you’re right hehe :wink:

Woohoo for the new texteditor :wink:

I just hope it’s not worse than it is. This ones pretty good but I won’t know about the new one until it comes out I guess.

Well if its worse then im sure we’ll be keeping the text editor we have now, but it won’t be. Im thinking it’s aimed to be the same but faster, better intellisense and more stable


I just meant hopefully the text editor doesn’t get “redesigned for iOS 7” and totally messes everything up. I have high hopes for this next update. Let’s pray it delivers. : )

Im sure it will deliver plenty! However, I wouldn’t mind the editor getting a new look.

@JakAttak I was thinking the same, but it looks nice already!