Tween on object

Have you a solution for make something like this ? :

example = {}
example.pos = {}
example.pos.x = 0
example.pos.y = 0
example.dim = {}
example.dim.w = 10
example.dim.h = 10

tween(2, example, {pos.x=10, dim.w=20})
-- or
tween(2, example, {pos["x"]=10, dim["w"]=20})

You have to do the tween on pos itself:

tween(2, example.pos, {x = 10, w = 20})

but w is not in pos, it’s in dim =/
and this is a simple example, but for complex object, that’s difficult if I want make a complex sequence of tween.
But if isn’t possible, i make my own class x)

oh sorry, you’re right…you’d have to do 2 separate simultaneous tweens in that case:

tween(2, example.pos, {x=10})
tween(2, example.dim, {w=20})

You could just put x, y, w, and h directly into your example table if you must only do one tween at a time:

example = {}
example.x = 0
example.y = 0
example.w = 10
example.h = 10

tween(2, example, {x=10, w=20})

i know… it’s shame, let’s start another class. thanks anyhow @toadkick :wink: