Tween Class is nil in XCode?

I’m trying to get my Codea project working in XCode, but keep running into this little error:
[string “Fader = class()…”]:64: attempt to index global ‘tween’ (a nil value)

The Fader class is called in the init() function of the main class.
Could it be that Codea’s tween class is not yet available at that time?

Fader = class()

function Fader:init()

function Fader:fadeIn()
    tween(1.2,, {alpha = 0})

The Runtime Library doesn’t support Codea 1.5 yet.

That is a serious setback… any idea if this will be available in the near future?

To anyone else stumbling upon this problem: there seems to be a custom lua tweening class available here:

I believe @Simeon has made updating the runtime a priority, so I’d expect a new option Real Soon Now.