Turn N' Fall - Codea Cook-Off Competition Entry [UPDATE #17]

Thought id go ahead and start this post now and just update it as I go. Here’s the basic idea for my game: You’re falling down and infinitely long chute, trying not to hit anything protruding from the walls or stuck in mid-air. The catch: You can only move in a circle

Updates including screenshots, descriptions, code, and videos will be posted below

Update: Here are some screenshots

Start Screen: (You drag in a circle to start)

The Game: (Tap Left or Right Side To Turn, Avoid the Platforms)

GameOver Screen:

Interesting concept. Reminds me of pivvot and some other game that came out recently, but much different. Good luck!

Looks pretty cool. And an interesting and original concept.

Good luck!

@Zoyt, @SkyTheCoder, Thanks!

cough cough not original cough cough But still a nice rendition.

@Zoyt, pivvot is a very different game. The only similarity is having a ball that can only move in a circle

Update 2: Just added an image loader to get the necessary images.

Looks the same as mine :frowning:

I’m going pretty much image free. :smiley: Well, it’s more of an issue that I won’t have internet most of the time while I’m developing this.

@Zoyt, me too, I only have a circle (used for mesh, could be re-made via code instead of downloading, but whatever), and the hearts (full and empty)

I’ll probably be only using them for my logo. :slight_smile:

I currently download 19 images, probably more, and use some of the built-in ones… ;))

@SkyTheCoder - Showing off, or what?

@Zoyt Realizing I probably could have just used rect()

Hmmm I think I’ll also use quite a lot images, but they’ll all be free ones, since i can’t make them myself xD thinking around 30-50 images and some built-in ones

@SkyTheCoder, fixed the look of my image loader so it doesn’t look just like yours:

(Update 3)

@stevon8ter I’m using kenney.nl’s Deluxe Platformer Art Spritepack, free graphics, good graphics, and lots of graphics.

I would recommend using kenney.nl.

Edit: Sorry, let’s stop chatting here…

@JakAttak There was nothing wrong with it…

@SkyTheCoder yeah I know, but I still need some sprites not on there i think, but I’ll see what I can take from there, also, if anyone could teach me how to load images in via code…? :wink: (Sky on skype maybe? don’t wanna spam @JakAttak’s thread)